Our vision: A new approach of the event business

Odysseus is introducing a new way to apprehend the preparation and realization of your events. Over the past several years, we have noticed a mutation in the event market and practices. There is a evolution in the very relation between clients, agencies and experts. Due to cost constraints the know-how has progressively shifted from the agencies to the external contractors. Our approach is consistent with this tendency, it's the next step in the event business model : cutting down intermediaries with low add-value.

Today's main issue for any event organizer is to optimize the budget without dropping the pros skills. These constraints are driving industry professionals to reconsider the nature of the customer relationship. Odysseus is the embodiment of this vision : flexibility, transparency and direct relationship with the experts.


Our offer : Flexibility through event consulting

Odysseus is a network of renowned and experimented experts, working alongside each other for over a decade. Dedicated to your events, Odysseus is in a position to assist and advise you in many event related fields. From technical skills to apps programming, on the spot assistance to full event management, design to production, Odysseus offer is to provide a wide range of know-how and skills as well as flexibility and adaptability to each project and client.

For each needed skill we will directly provide the right talent in order to avoid an unnecessary waste of time through non specialists intermediaries. Each question will receive a proper and quick answer, each recommendation will be pre-validated by the respective specialist.

Our services

Event management

Proper event management is the key to an unclouded preparation and a qualitative final rendering. Our experience in this field of expertise allow us to provide our clients with some well-engineered and well managed processes, timelines and budgets with a constant fine-tuning approach.

We work alongside our clients for their conferences, institutional, entertaining or artistic events. We take part in cost management, selection and management of the right external contractors, logistics, F&B and many other event related specialties management.


Production is all about bringing ideas to reality. It begins with the reality check taking into account the budget and the given constraints. Our expertise in this key area is what enables us to make the most audacious concepts as well as the most classic configurations come to reality. We get involve at different stages of a project, from early conception phases to strict production follow-up, as consultants or line producers. The different possible degrees of intervention and the expertise we offer insure our clients the most efficient and cost effective production services.

Creation & design

Our creative talents can deliver any event related needs, including the most up-to-date industry products. We provide our clients with adapted creative offers, in line with the typology and the identity of a given event. Alongside the classical creative needs for an event (theming, graphic design, scenography, signage…) we offer our client dedicated mobile apps and websites in order to make the best out of today’s digital technology.


In order to fit today’s market needs we suggest our clients to outsource either a portion or all their event function to Odysseus. Our knowledge of the event industry drives to better performances and financial optimization for companies looking for high profile professionals for a determined period of time. This way our contracted clients have access to the best skills on the market without having to increase their wage bill and cost.

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